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15 June 2008 @ 07:22 am
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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07 June 2008 @ 11:14 am

SUMMARY:  After an evening playing pool Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Taken to a nearby park where they are raped and abused. Will the close bond they have as brothers survive or will it change their relationship forever?



Nc-17,  NON-CON RAPE, Torture, Violence, Bad Language, Knifeplay, Dean/omc, Sam/omc, Wincest


 Rack Up The Balls      Chapter 8



For the eighth time in only ten days slumbering Sam was instantly dragged back into reality by the distressed sounds of Dean’s nightmares. Quickly pulling himself together, sliding his long giraffe legs from beneath the covers, Sam glided to Dean’s bedside to wait. He knew the pattern only too well. First, the shuffling struggle under the blankets as if trying to escape, then, the labored breathing followed at last by the panicked cries and groans. In another few seconds, the mumbling, spasmodically jerking older hunter would bolt upright into a seated position with terror-filled green eyes, gasping for air and solace. So it had happened each time, over and over again during the past week and a half. Until then it had been a long silent two months since that life altering night in the park.


Sam had watched in unspoken anguish as Dean, in his typical Dean Winchester mode of operation, had decided that the best way to deal with his rape was to simply wall it up inside his head and pretend it never happened, hoping the pain and tormenting memories would somehow evaporate. Once his physical injuries had mended to some degree Dean had simply shut down. Acting as if that brutal pool playing night was just a bad dream, he shut Sam out completely at the mere mention of the visit to the park. Sam so regretted his attitude regarding the abuse. Knowing that a thorough discussion might ease both their nightmares, Sam could only pray that Dean would eventually relax his stance on this don’t ask/don’t tell belief of his.


Well, it seemed that bad dreams have a way of returning and this one of Dean’s had returned in spades, bringing along an evil bigger brother. A nightmare from Hell, and that nightmare, was slowly killing Dean.


His lack of sleep had lead to inattentive behavior on a ‘salt and burn’ two days ago, and had turned something that should have been simple into a horrible series of physical attacks by the spirit that had nearly killed Dean. If Sam hadn’t gotten to the bones the moment he had the creature would have launched Dean from a third floor window onto the concrete below.


Bad enough that he walked around with deep dark circles beneath his tired bottle green eyes or even that he awoke in a breathless terror, but the nightmares had lately introduced another little prop to the scenario. It made Dean’s earlier dreams pale by comparison. Each recent nightmare had left Dean not only panicked and hyperventilating but with a severely painful erection that would take more than an hour to recede. It clawed at Sam’s heart to see his stoic big brother’s ever-increasing embarrassment over this ’growing problem’.


Tonight though, Sam was convinced it would be different, that he could change the course of things. Tonight, he and Dean would come to terms with not only this devastating demon that stalked his brother so mercilessly but also a lesser demon as well. This other demon had driven Sam mad for years, had made him nearly lose his family. Tonight though he would talk and Dean would listen. Hoping for an even stronger bonding, but deep down Sam feared that Dean might well stomp off into the night, never to return, after Sam said his piece.


Now as Dean screamed his way into wakefulness, Sam slid his tall body into the space between his brother and the headboard. Letting Dean’s broad back lay against his own bare chest Sam wrapped his arms protectively around the older hunter, holding him close like a frightened child. Using the pads of his fingers to rub soothing circles on Dean’s naked chest, all the while murmuring quiet words of comfort, “Shh…Shhh, Dean. It’s okay. It’s all right. Shhh…” Another shaking sob escaped Dean’s lips. “Shh…shh. It’s okay. It’s just you and me…”


Dean’s terror began to subside, finally he was sucking in long gasps of air, trying to calm down. Sam was nuzzling his face softly against Dean’s hair and neck, an almost imperceptible motion as his long fingers kept tracing those monotonous comforting circles, “How many times, Dean? How many hundreds of times did your strong arms and soft words comfort me when I had bad dreams? How many thousands of circles did your gentle hands trace on my skin to ease me back from night terrors? How many times did you take away the pain?” Sam’s soft voice paused, letting the weight of his quiet words seep slowly into Dean’s confused mind.


Dean’s body relaxed more into his arms, as Sam’s voice continued soft and coaxing, “That’s it, big brother. Let me lift this dark cloud for you. Let me find a way out. Shh… Shh… Relax. Let me help you. Please… You must know I’ve always loved you more than anyone or anything in my life. Just let me help you. I want to take away your pain, Dean. Please?”


The exhausted, sleepless Dean held so still inside the circle of Sam’s protective arms that his little brother wondered if sleep had somehow reclaimed him.


Sam bravely placed a light kiss on the older man’s tense muscular shoulder. Nothing happened! No blow up! “Dean, it’s okay really. It’s going to be better. I’ll help you. We will always have each other… always.”


Instantly Dean became animated, “No! Sam… You don’t understand. You can’t…” Dean’s voice almost a shaky whisper, full of angst.


“Tell me, Dean. Talk to me! Make me understand. You’re my brother. I love you. I want to help… Be here for you… always.”


Dean twisted his head back to glimpse Sam’s gentle, worried face for just a reassuring moment. It stunned Sam to see the mask of childlike anxiety that covered Dean’s usually handsome face.


Averting his eyes once more Dean whispered fearfully, “No, Sam! You wouldn’t be here! You couldn’t… If you knew the real truth about me you’d walk right out that door and never come back! Trust me.”


Sam felt a single hot tear splash onto his arm and roll a tickling course down to his elbow. Dean moved to tears! How bad can this dark secret be? Sam felt a knot twisting tightly inside his chest.


The communication door was open now, but Sam wasn’t so sure he had the strength and courage to cross its foreboding threshold. Sucking in a shallow breath and closing his eyes for a few seconds he prayed against Dean’s rejection. What would he do if he bared his soul to his beautiful brother and Dean angrily tossed HIM aside and left? Where would I go? How could I survive without Dean being here to complete me?


“Dean… Please…? You have to talk to me. I would NEVER leave you. Ever! I know I can help you, just give me the chance. I’ll stay right here. I promise!” As Sam’s graceful fingers moved gently across his brother’s muscular stomach, Dean swallowed so hard it rippled even through his solar plexus. Another scalding tear splattered onto Sam’s forearm.


Dean’s strong hands suddenly knotted around Sam’s wrists forcing them to still. His voice quavered, “Sam, I…” His words halted as he tried to find the right things to say. Words that would not drive Sam away…forever... He could say this only if he could not see the pain in Sam’s eyes.


“Sam… I’m… I’m not who you think I am. I’m not… I’m not the man you think I am!” His voice now a hoarse whisper, “I’m not the man… I thought I was either!” A tremor of anguish coursed through his body.


In a highly agitated state, Dean flung Sam’s arms wide open and attempted to push off from the bed.


Not a word was spoken as Sam quickly intercepted his brother. Wrapping his long arms tightly around Dean’s body, pinning his arms to his sides, he jerked Dean back into his lap.


“No! You can’t just say something like that and just shut down this way! Can’t shut me out like that, Dean! I won’t let you! Not this time…! Maybe there are secrets I have too, that could drive you away… We HAVE to talk! I will listen to you and then you will listen to all that I want to say. Nobody is leaving anybody!”


Struggle as he might, in his worn out condition Dean could not pull free of Sam’s determined almost painful grip. At last, in utter exasperation, Dean sighed, “Fine!” When Sam made no attempt to release his control, Dean muttered, “Will you let me breathe at least?”


Sam softly voiced a simple request, “Just tell me what you meant.” He released his crushing grip around his brother’s chest to some degree.


After a long silence, Dean began, “I’m not sure how to explain it, Sam. I haven’t been able to figure it out myself exactly.” Closing his eyes as if wanting to hide from his own words, Dean massaged his jaw nervously, “Sam, it’s just this…”


Dean sighed dejectedly and thrusting his hips slightly forward, gestured with his hand toward the massive erection he still sported. “Sam, it never stops! What is wrong with me? The first dreams after ’it’ happened… I was terrified by what had happened to us. Then the dreams made me remember having a damned hard-on almost the entire time Dick was doing those things to me. A fucking hard-on, Sam! Like I enjoyed what he was doing! And now, Sam… Now… Shit! I have a nightmare and wake up like this for God’s sake!”


Sam bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep from crying. Dean! My big, strong brother! Terrified? How can he think that meant he enjoyed being raped and horribly brutalized? Through the brutal actions of some filthy animal he was reduced to doubting everything about himself. Dean had always been the one man in Sam’s entire life with a clear sense of purpose and total knowledge of who and what he truly was. Tears welled up along the fringe of Sam’s dark lashes.


“Sam, I’m a damned pervert pretending to be something… somebody… I’m not! I’m no hunter anymore. I can’t be. I don’t even deserve to be called a man!” This self-deprecating mode had to be stifled before Dean self-destructed but Sam wasn’t sure he had the tools or the words to stop it.


He HAD to share his own dark side somehow without incurring the wrath Dean was now directing inwardly. Sam watched helplessly as Dean pushed himself to his feet head hung nearly to his chest, and stumbled across the floor towards the motel dresser. With a pained roar he began punching his fists against the solid wood, finally allowing his salty tears to freely spill, as the blood from his shattered skin trickled down the oak panels.


Sam followed him silently, the metallic taste of fear filling his mouth, making it hard to swallow. He was so afraid to speak out, to tell Dean about the hidden thoughts in his life. Would Dean turn those bloodied fists on him? Would he feel such disgust and betrayal over Sam’s revelation that he would storm away into the outside world never wanting to lay eyes on his little brother ever again?


“Dean! Dean, can we please sit down for a minute? I really need to tell you something important. Something I should have told you a long time ago but just couldn’t find the right words… I’m still not sure that I’ve found them even tonight, but you need to hear this. Please? Please, Dean…?” He tugged gently on Dean’s arm. “Just sit with me for a moment. Let me get this off my chest…”


Dean allowed Sam to drape an arm around his shoulders and guide him back to the bed, gently pulling him down to sit beside him. Sam closed his sad eyes, thinking, composing himself and his words.


With a resigned sigh he caught Dean’s head in his slender hands compelling him to make eye contact. “Dean, I think you’ve always known how proud I’ve been to have you for as my big brother. Nobody has a better, stronger, more protective, more nurturing or more loving brother than mine. Ever since I’ve been able to remember you were the only person who was there for me for everything, no matter what.” Sam paused hoping to see some impact reflected on Dean’s tear-streaked face. If anything, he looked even sadder and more distraught.


Sam tried to take hold of one of Dean’s bleeding clenched fists but Dean tugged it away angrily. “Dean, please… I need to know that you really are listening to me.”


Dean murmured, “I hear you, Sammy.”


“I need you to know that I will always love you no matter what happens here tonight. I also need for you to really understand that you are the only person I have ever truly loved… always. I loved Dad but not the same as you. I loved Jess but even that wasn’t the same. Not even close...”


Dean shifted uncomfortably as Sam leaned in closer, “Let me tell you something I told Bobby when I was in kindergarten I guess… I told him that when I grew up I was going to marry you. I remember Bobby laughed but I didn’t understand why at the time. All I know now is that I still love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. Do you understand that, Dean? Do you know what it did to me in that park, being forced to watch that filthy animal tear at you like you were a piece of meat? How horrible it felt not to be able to save you?” Sam’s voice trembled as he spoke.


Dean’s body became racked with the most heart-wrenching sobs as he tried to push away from Sam. “Oh, God, Sammy! Oh, God!” Tears again streamed down Dean’s face, so contorted with anguish that Sam found himself tearing up. “Sammy, I’m just a ‘filthy animal’ myself! You don’t understand…” Staggering unsteadily to his feet his voice a raspy whisper, Dean confessed, “Sam, I’m sick! That night… That night I saw what that pig was forcing you to do and I was so… so pissed. I kept thinking ‘No! You can’t touch him! Sam’s mine!’”  Dean tossed a panicky confused look over his shoulder, just a quick visual connection before muttering in a mixture of disbelief and disgust, “Sammy… I… I felt jealous… Oh, my God! Jealous! How disgusting!”


Sam’s eyes flew wide open in surprise as he quickly rose to try to stop Dean right there.


Shuddering gasps shook the older hunter’s solid muscular frame. “Awww, God! Sammy! Where the hell did that come from? You’re my little brother, for God’s sake! What the fuck is wrong with me?! How can I feel like that?”


“Dean, please! You have to listen to me!” Sam desperately wanted to be heard. Maybe… just maybe he and his big brother were on the same page for once.


“No! Sam! You listen to me! Now I have these sickening thoughts when I’m around you. I have disgusting, horrible dreams. Oh, dammit, Sammy… I’m sorry! So sorry…” he fell to his knees, face buried in his hands.


Dropping down on his knees beside his brother, Sam cupped a hand beneath his distraught brother’s chin forcing Dean to look him full in the face.


Now it was the younger man’s turn to stammer and feel ill at ease as the words poured out. “Dean, you have to listen to me. I’ve wanted… I’ve …erm… I wanted to be with you since we were teens… I uh… mean… really with you, Dean, but you were always so macho, so crazy about girls… and them about you. I couldn’t tell you. You wouldn’t understand. Dad wouldn’t understand. I was some kind of pervert, so I had to leave. I went to Stanford and forced myself to be ‘normal’. Jess was my biggest attempt at normalcy. I thought that if I could just stay away from you, try to forget how I felt… everything would be okay.”


Dean had finally stopped his self-deprecating sidebars and was gazing at his brother in total confusion. “Sam, I don’t understand…”


“Yeah, well, me neither, Dean. All I know is you came back into my life and those feelings started again. I didn’t know what I was going to tell Jess. We’d been talking about marriage and a normal life. I had pretty much convinced myself that I could be happy like that, and then the bubble burst when you showed up and we went looking for Dad! It was just you and me and ‘those feelings’ again. Then Jess died and I felt so damned guilty. I knew before she died that I couldn’t go through with it, Dean. God! I was gonna dump her, I knew it!”


“But that night in the park… If I could have gotten loose I would have killed every one of those fucking bastards. They touched you! Hurt you! Had you! …Dean, you’re mine! You’ve always been mine!”


Reaching out, Sam gripped Dean’s shoulders. Carefully he leaned down and planted an almost chaste kiss on his brother’s trembling lips. Only the look of utter bewilderment in Dean’s startled green eyes made him stop.


Dean fought his way to his feet, shoving Sam angrily away. Confusion and anguish clouded his handsome features. “Sam! No! We can’t! I can’t… Oh,God!!  Oh, dammit!” He pivoted away from his little brother’s puppy dog eyes.


Sam climbed up to his full height, stepping up against the older hunter’s warm naked back, skin on skin. Lightly he wrapped his arms around his brother’s heaving torso. “Dean… we can and I think we should… Haven’t we always been the only ones always there for each other? Haven’t we always been the only ones who understand one another?” Sam touched his warm moist lips to Dean’s jaw just in front of his ear. “Haven’t you always loved me?” he whispered. His lips barely brushed along Dean’s broad shoulder. With the fingers of his left hand the young hunter tiptoed tiny circles around his brother’s closest nipple, hearing the man’s sharp intake of breath as he used his thumbnail to stroke softly across the stiffening pink bud. The softest moan escaped Dean’s pouty lips, followed by a complete body shiver  and Sam felt the tense body shift ever so slightly closer. As more warm tears trickled onto Sam’s forearms he slowly turned his older brother to face him. He kissed Dean full on the lips, tasting the salt of his tears as they traveled to the corners of his mouth. Ever so delicately Sam used the tip of his warm tongue to trace the tears from Dean’s lips to his eyes, lightly kissing each of his older brother’s closed eyelids. A peaceful sigh escaped those warm full lips as Sam used a feathery touch to trail his long, graceful fingers down his brother’s lightly stubbled face, slowly down his pulsing neck artery to his muscular chest.


Applying a faint pressure with his abs against Dean’s, he almost imperceptibly guided Dean back to the bed. As the older man’s calves brushed the edge of the mattress, Sam felt his brother’s body stiffen, “Sam, no! No, we…” Sam smothered Dean’s protest in coaxing kisses.


Sam’s mouth was gentle, soft, persuasive… His kisses as warm and easy as a sunny, spring breeze... They caressed Dean’s dry lips, his cheeks, his jaw… Finally Sam licked ever so lightly over his brother’s full lips and as they parted to release a small gasp, Sam slid his tongue between them. Dean gave no response, but no argument either. Sam tucked an arm around his brother’s back and with very little effort lowered Dean onto the bed without their lips separating.


Sam let his tongue wander a moment or two before releasing Dean’s lips. Burying his face in the crook of Dean’s throat and collarbone, he nipped and nuzzled until he had the older hunter moaning. Lying beside Dean, Sam used first his lips and then his hot, moist tongue to tease his brother’s nipples until they were pencil eraser hard. ”Oh, Sammy! Oh, no…! Ahhh… Nooo… ” Dean moaned, arching his back as Sam’s mouth moved away, teasingly, only to return and disappear again.


Sammy kissed his open mouth gently before sliding his tongue inside torturously slow. Now the older hunter’s tongue tangled softly against Sam’s. Slowly easing his warm, soft hands down his older brother’s quivering ribcage, as Dean groaned aloud, the dark-haired hunter rested them on Dean’s hipbones. He waited for Dean’s tongue to respond strongly to his before gently easing Dean’s black boxers lower until Sam was caressing his curly blond pubic hair. Dean’s strong hands flew to try and move his little brother’s hands away but Sam’s response was to ease his lips and tongue free for a moment to direct his now smoldering gaze at the passion-glazed green eyes.


“Dean, this is going to happen for us tonight. I want you to be okay with this. I’ve done so much reading and even watched a couple of guy porn flicks.” As he talked his right hand toyed with Dean’s nipples, eliciting small groans and shudders from the other hunter. “It won’t be like the park. We would never hurt each other like that. Now… please… can’t you just relax? Let me do this for you, for us… Let’s just try it this once,” he whispered gently, “Please…?”


Seeing Sam’s serious pleading eyes and hearing his almost logical words, Dean sighed aloud and with a small nod laid his head back down, trying to relax. He would let Sam guide him.


Once more Sam kissed him softly, as a lover, any lover might. The older brother responded in kind, trembling as he felt Sam’s long spidery fingers explore his pubic area. As those gentle fingers slipped around the shaft of his still painfully engorged shaft stroking him, Dean struggled to breathe, loosing a shuddering groan. The excitement Sam’s warm hands produced was almost too much to bear. Sam’s sweet moist lips began to travel southward as Dean quivered, gasping for air.


Like a silk scarf barely touching Dean’s hot, aching skin, Sam’s lips ghosted a long trail of kisses from his jawbone to his hipbone. The older man’s traitorous body trembled with sexual excitement and nervous anticipation.


Little brother’s sensuous excursion culminated in an audible moan followed by a gasping, “Oh, my God, Sammy! Ahhh! Sam…!!” as Sam took the throbbing head of Dean’s huge cock between his wet lips. Using only the tip of his tongue he licked at the now oozing eye of his brother’s throbbing swollen member. Dean’s head pivoted insanely on his shoulders moaning in response to Sam’s oral ministrations, as his back arced upward.


Unlike his forced performance in the park, Sam slowly, sensuously took every last bit of Dean into his mouth and throat. Dean groaned and twisted softly at the pleasurable pain of it, Sam’s shaggy hair brushing softly against him, again and again as he moved his lips and mouth up and down the long, hot, sensitive shaft. Having been forced to endure the horrendous pressure of the engorgement for nearly an hour Dean felt like he would die, but with Sam’s sweet, rhythmic sucking and the nimble fingers that plucked so torturously at his ultra-sensitive nipples, Dean moaned as the powerful waves continued to rock his entire body. His muscles twitched and tightened as he built to a screaming, moaning climax. His body arced into it as if an electric current ran through him. Gasping the blond hunter tried to control his body’s insane sexual response, but it came like a roaring avalanche. Never in his life had he come so close to losing consciousness during sex! Blinding white light filled his mind, sucking his breath from him, his thinking ceased, only the physical Dean existed. As he exploded inside Sam’s delicious wet mouth, he fell back onto the bed too weak to do anything more than breathe.


Sam continued to suck gently on Dean’s cock swallowing every salty drop of cum. Dean’s body had collapsed, his passionate moans finally stilled, to a few gasping breaths. Sammy gently released Dean’s now spent dick, lifting his dark tousled head he studied Dean’s handsome face. For the first time in a long while, Dean looked so peaceful, eyes softly closed. Sam smiled happily to himself.


“Sammy?” Dean’s voice a breathy whisper.


‘”Yes?” Sam raised himself up on one elbow.


“This is really wrong, isn’t it?” he queried, shame rising in his voice.


“Did it feel wrong, Dean? Were we both agreeable with it?” Sam gently prompted.


“Naw… it felt fucking fantastic, really… Thank you, Sammy.”


“Don’t we always take care of each other?” Sam grinned at his hero. Creeping upward to the pillow beside Dean, he leaned over to kiss him with a warm invitation. “Rest for a bit and then I’ll teach you how to take care of me… and you at the same time. We have lots of lubricant and plenty of time to learn.” He snuggled warmly against Dean, sighing contentedly, enjoying every point of body contact, wanting to wrap himself around his precious brother like a second skin.


Dean caught Sam’s young face in his hands and drew him into a passionate, greedy kiss. “Teach me, little brother.”






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24 May 2008 @ 06:44 pm

AUTHOR :  oldbatj

SUMMARY:  After an evening playing pool Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Taken to a nearby park where they are raped and abused. Will the close bond they have as brothers survive or will it change their relationship forever?


Rack Up The Balls         Part Seven




Sam gathered all his heavy plastic bags first, hoping everything would survive the short haul from the Impala to their hot pink stucco bungalow. Guessing that the other motel residents were taking full advantage of the amenities and heart-shaped beds in the honeymoon complex, he was grateful for the anonymity it afforded the hunters. Reaching onto the dash he snatched the smallest package, carrying it clenched in his pearly white teeth as he made his way to their doorway.


After a brief juggling struggle he was able to slide the heart-shaped key into the lock and push his way inside, despite his heavily laden arms. Grinning as everything arrived safely… almost. With a wet sounding crash as the flimsy handles tore loose from a over packed bag, Sam winced to see a quart of electrolyte water smashed among some dented plastic jugs. Shit! Well, that’ll wake him up fast!


Glancing towards the main bed, he was surprised to meet with the wide-awake green eyes of his supposed-to-be-sleeping older brother.

“Dean, man, I’m so sorry! Didn’t mean to wake you.”


Lying sprawled on his side, paging through one of the girlie magazines Sam had left on the nightstand, Dean smiled weakly. With a soft shake of his head, Dean waved away the apology. “Nah, Sam. I was awake already.”


“More bad dreams?” queried Sam, as he deposited the remaining supplies on the kitchenette table. Grabbing some paper towels, he moved to clean up the mess, but as his eyes moved once more to Dean, he noticed Dean answered with his eyes averted. Dammit, Dean! It’s okay to say ‘yes’. Rapes can give years of nightmares!


“Nope, think it was somebody’s door slamming!” he lied without looking up. He hated lying to Sam, but it was for his little brother’s own good. He won’t start healing if he thinks I’m that hurt!


“Got you some fairly decent choices for what you can have on this liquid diet at least, Dean. Nice selection of sports and energy drinks and Doc says you can at least have Jell-O.” Sam smiled encouragingly, trying to make the diet seem not so full of deprivation.


“Awwww, shit, Sammy… Like that green lime crud they had everyday in school?  Excuse me for NOT getting all happy. I think I’d rather starve!” Dean grimaced disgustedly. “Lime Jell-O! Gross!” Then a smile flickered momentarily, “Only way Lime Jell-O might be good is with hot chicks wrestling in it at some strip joint!” He chuckled.


Tossing out the broken bottle remnants, Sam crossed to the table and reaching into a grocery bag with both hands, hauling out what he hoped might lift Dean’s spirits a bit. Fanning out several small blue boxes in between his long spidery fingers, looking like a magician doing a sleight of hand card trick, Sam moved closer to the bed. “Dude! Check this out! Jell-O comes in other flavors!! Who knew?”

He grinned triumphantly as he read the package titles proudly, “ Okay, so here we have… Margarita… Watermelon… Apricot… Pina Colada…

Hmmm, just plain old Cherry… then, Strawberry Daquiri… and last, but not least, my personal favorite… Berry Blue! Looks like jellied windshield washer fluid! Hope it tastes better.”


Grinning from ear to ear Dean began to laugh so hard he doubled over on the bed. The laughter pulled at him internally and he clutched at his abused butt, wincing in pain. Holding up a halting palm as he heard Sam drop the boxes to the floor ready to rush to his assistance. “I’m fine, Sam. It’s fine. Just a damned twinge!” he breathed.


Sam was at the grocery-topped table in an instant. Grabbing at the little pharmacy bag, he pulled out two amber prescription bottles. “Here are the meds Dr. Lee prescribed for you. Have to tell you what a great lady she is! Not only did she fax the prescriptions in for us, but the pharmacist handed back my money and said they were already paid for, said she had him put them on her clinic’s billing! What a great friend!”


Dean tried not to look too ‘needy’ as he eyed the bottles in Sam’s hand, but he was actually anxious to gulp down a pain pill. The sharp stabbing pains intermingled with the constant dull throbbing coming from both ends of his spinal column were beginning to seriously wear him down.


“So what’d we get? Good stuff, Sam?”


“Yeah, bro’. Lortab for your pain and… ummm…. Erm… Not even trying to pronounce this one! Anyway, pharmacy guy says it’s a really strong antibiotic. Works especially well for stopping infections, before they start. Says the doc sure knows her stuff.” Seizing a bottle of orange Gatorade, he stepped over to the bed to give Dean his first doses, breathing a sigh of relief after getting the medications started. Despite Dean’s reluctance to reveal the depth of the pain he’d felt a few minutes earlier, Sam knew he had to try to get him to relax more and give the pills a chance to work properly.


Moving to the dresser where their medical supplies were neatly laid out on a clean towel, Sam glanced at his watch. Just enough time to be sure the pain was well under control before the five o’clock news started. There had been some sense of relief when the Noon News mentioned nothing about the ‘picnic’ in the park, although Dean had been sleeping, Sam had made sure to watch it.


“Dean, I want you to work with me a little on this pain control. Dr. Lee had suggested that I reapply some of the dibucaine or lidocaine a few times a day for the first couple of days. Said it would give you some instant internal relief, ‘til the pills kick in.” Sam was standing by the heart-shaped bed now, one hand already gloved and a tube of anesthetic gel in the other.  “How about it? Got about eight minutes until the news comes on. Make you feel better.” He smiled sympathetically and ended the request with his best puppy dog begging impression.


“Aw, Sammy. I’m fine really.” Just then, he was racked with a short coughing spasm as the Gatorade went down his throat wrong. As the sharp stabbing pain once again hit, bringing moisture to his green eyes, Dean knew Sam was right. Nodding his head silently, he slid his boxers low on his hips and rolled further toward the other side of the bed, exposing his muscular buttocks to Sam‘s ministrations.


Kneeling on the bed beside his older brother, Sam carefully spread Dean’s cheeks apart spreading some of the gel on his still angrily red orifice. Waiting a full two minutes for the medicated gel to deaden the exterior, Sam pressed gently to test the numbness. Dean’s lack of response said he was ready. Sam applied more gel to his gloved index finger and slowly, gently forced it inside. Working it around he made sure he spread the gel out well. A small grunt was his brother’s only reaction once his finger slid inside of him. Sam couldn’t help but be amazed at the tight elasticity of the orifice, as he had to maneuver the gel deeper into the injured area. Finally done, he carefully slid free of Dean, making no big production of what he was sure was very embarrassing to Dean. He gently tugged Dean’s boxers back up onto his hips and helped him roll into position to see the TV screen.


Removing and tossing the soiled glove into the red trashcan near the TV, the young hunter hit the power button and snagging the remote moved to sit on the bed near Dean’s feet. Sam flipped the channel button to a regional station he’d found earlier and right on cue the screen blazed to life with the logo and theme music for the Nightly News show.


Following several minutes of inane co-anchor chatter and a quickie update on the weather, the bland-faced male newscaster dropped his voice to a sonorous, no-nonsense tone and announced dramatically…


And in breaking news tonight…     In a Channel 13 NEWS NOW exclusive, our very own Heather Hunnicutt will join us live from South End, Arkansas. She brings us a Channel 15 exclusive interview with one of the victims of last night’s horrendous knife attack on five local gentlemen …    The loose use of this term had both hunters snorting in disgust.


Reaching up to tap sharply on his earpiece, the news anchor frowned… “Umm… Heather are you there?”


An outdoors camera shot panning across the front of the hospital quickly zoomed in to a close-up of a pretty young blond, smiling vapidly into the video lens.


“Yes, Charley, I’m here at South End Hospital and ask that you join me as I speak with one of the brave victims of last night’s bizarre, bloody attack. The five male victims were all local bar-goers, who were sadistically attacked by knife-wielding thugs and left to die in the South End Community Park along Highway 15. Follow me now as we enter the room of Fred Williams, a popular local truck driver, who is recuperating after last night’s harrowing attacks.”


The cameraman panned around the room to show Fred lying in his hospital bed surrounded by his mousy, fearful wife and a boy of about twelve years of age. Several floral arrangements graced the nightstand and windowsills.


Shoving the microphone in front of Fred’s reddened face, Heather seriously intoned, “Thank you for agreeing to speak with us tonight, Mr. Williams. Can you please tell us exactly what happened to you and your friends last night at the park?”


Sam mumbled indignantly over the girl’s voice, “Thugs!! Can’t wait to hear the spin those bastards put on this one! Left for dead, my ass!!” He grimaced the moment those last two words left his lips. Shit!


Even in his wounded mode, Dean caught it and spoke up, or maybe his pain pills did the talking, “No, Sam. It was my ass!”


Both hunters cringed visibly as Fred’s voice came through the TV speakers. Gone, however, was the sneering sadistic hyena, replaced instead by a man who actually looked quite normal and considerably shaken.


“Well, Heather, we all played pool together last night and then grabbed some extra whiskey and headed down to the park to … uh… ummm… hang out together. All of a sudden, all these motorcycles showed up. We were uh… outnumbered. This gang of bikers tied us all up and cut us up pretty bad. We all got pretty mutilated. Doctors said it’s nothing they can really fix ‘cause we waited too long to get medical treatment.”


“Were your injuries severe? Have the police gotten any leads on this biker group, Mr. Williams? And who was it that found you and reported the attacks?” the blond girl inquired causing Fred to look even more uncomfortable.


“The ummm... injuries were male-type injuries, I don’t think I can explain on TV exactly. The sheriff’s office said it’s like these biker guys just vanished into thin air! None of us could really identify them much. Bikers all look pretty much alike, you know. And uhh… we were rescued by the dump truck crew that cleans up the trash at the park, about 7:30 a.m.. Nice guys. Put us all in one of the garbage trucks so we wouldn’t have to wait longer for medical help. Cops were mad, said they destroyed evidence but hey… we all needed doctors. Smelly ride, if you know what I mean, but those trucks sure can haul ass!! Oh! Excuse me … I mean move fast!”


Both Sam and Dean exchanged triumphant grins. “Very appropriate ride for those bastards, hey?” Sam chirped. “And I think he meant they were hauling asses!”


“The doctors and nurses had trouble ‘cuz there were so many of us. Couldn’t really do much more than just stitch us up though. My buddy Dick got cut up the worst. Doc says he’s got to have some kind of tubing implanted. He was screaming all the way here! Messed up real bad!”


“Any motive behind these attacks, Mr. Williams?” she prompted.


“No. Nobody seems to know. Cops say we may NEVER know what caused them.” As the reporter began to turn back to the camera

a fearful look washed over Fred’s face and reaching out he stopped her by grasping her arm. ”Ma’am, please… One more thingJust want to say a quick word to a couple of friends, if I may?” he implored, rather pathetically.


“Of course.” The young newswoman reluctantly allowed him to take the microphone from her hand.


Looking directly into the camera, Fred cleared his throat, “Just want to say to my two young billiards buddies…”


Sam and Dean turned to gawk at on another in surprise. “Us??!!” they gasped in unison.


“I know you boys promised to come and visit us. It’s okay, guys, you don’t have to go through all that trouble. We’ll all be okay… well, except for Dick. No need for the two of you to be further inconvenienced. Not planning any more picnics… ever!” Fred ended with an anxious-looking half smile and handed the ‘mike’ back to Heather. 


“So there you have it! The medical team has confirmed that all the male-related injuries have been stabilized at least for the four men who will recuperate and will return to mostly normal lives in the next four to six weeks. The fifth victim was seriously maimed and will require more long-term care after having a permanent tube implanted, to restore more normal body functions.” With a smile, she signed off, 

“This has been Heather Hunnicutt with a Channel 13 NEWS NOW exclusive. Back to you, Charley!”


As the news anchor desk reappeared Sam hit the MUTE button. “Biker gang, huh? Male-related injuries, that’s polite as hell,” he snorted. “Think we can believe what Fred said, Dean? Seemed sincere… and scared.”


Dean simply shrugged, “Guess we’ll have to for now, Sam.” Closing his eyes for just a moment, he smiled briefly. “Mmm, this pain med is some pretty good shit!”


Sam reached over and pulled a blanket over his big brother’s body. Patting him on the shoulder, he said softly, “You should sleep awhile, Dean. I’m going to nap too. When we get up, I’ve got some Epsom salts for a nice hot soak in the garden tub for you. Doctor Lee thought it might help you relax and heal.”


As Sam slid down onto the mattress next to Dean’s bed, he smiled sadly, seeing Dean was already drifting off. Sure hope I can help you through this one, Dean…








Four hours later Sam had run the wide, deep tub nearly full of extremely warm water and added the requisite amount of Epsom salts.Lifting Dean into his arms despite his adamant protests, Sam slid him gently into the water, boxers still in place.


Seeing the smile that lit Dean’s face as he allowed the water to soothe him, his little brother held out hope that things might eventually mend and return to the Winchester version of ‘normal’. They had a solid week to do repeat performances of anything that seemed good or comforting. Feeling a bit less anxious he watched Dean slide happily shoulder-deep into the soak and Sam went off to rustle up their first ‘liquid’ meal.


Sam had made two batches of Jell-O with the cheap plastic bowls he’d gotten for just that purpose. Lamenting the fact that whipped topping was not allowed, he frowned as he spooned it onto a couple small Styrofoam bowls and tried to make Dean’s sports drink look more appealing, he hoped, by pouring it into a tall glass. Setting the plates and glasses on the table, Sam scowled at how pathetically small this meal offering truly was. Shit! Dean is gonna be so pissed. Hope I can pull this off for a whole week. I may have to add a straitjacket to his regimen to maintain a week without burgers and pie!


Fifteen minutes later Dean shuffled quietly from the bathroom. “Thanks, Sam. Feel a bunch better. May even try to sit for a little while.” Approaching the table, he was tickled to see that his thoughtful little brother had placed a fluffy pillow on a chair for him and had tried hard to set out an appealing but meager meal. He smiled thankfully at Sam and eased carefully onto his cushioned chair.


“We can do another soak any time you want one, Dean, I got a large container of those salts.” Sam watched anxiously as Dean picked up his spoon and tried to pretend he was looking forward to eating.


“Well, here goes nothing!” Dean shoveled a jiggly, wiggly spoonful of the pinkish gelatin into his doubting mouth. Swirling the squishy stuff around a little, he swallowed and flashed a smile at his pensive younger brother. “Damn! Not too bad, Sammy! What flavor is this…? No! Wait! Lemme guess…” Closing his eyes as he took a second spoonful, Dean savored the taste for a moment. Grinning, he announced, “Strawberry Daiquiri! Right?”


Sam grinned in relief, “Yeah, man. It sure is. Sorry we can’t have any whipped cream. Is it okay?”


“Well, might have to get bigger bowls than this… But, it’s only a week I’ll survive it, I guess. Do we have more of this? Kinda’ hungry tonight.”


Sam fetched the remainder of the larger bowl from the little refrigerator. “Yep, we do. Another bowl in there for later, too.”


Another ten minutes saw Dean back in bed and ready for some TV. After a second dose of his meds a couple hours later, he rather unceremoniously collapsed into his pillows and stayed asleep until nearly 5 a.m. when a very vivid re-enactment dream awakened him. Sam left his mattress, scrambled onto the bed and wrapped his arms gently around his older brother ‘til the panic and fear subsided. More pills and Dean slept again until 8:30 a.m. …


And so their days progressed, slowly, with the younger hunter caring for his injured brother, preparing meals, running baths, giving medications and applying the anesthetic gels to keep Dean comfortable and healing. Whenever Dean slept during the days, Sam poured over the Internet seeking a deeper understanding of male rape and male on male sex. Sam felt his own distress, over the acts that had been forced upon him, was being alleviated as well, the more he read. His devotion to truly healing Dean, both inside and out, became an all-consuming obsession as the days dragged by.


Dr. Lee gladly continued to give phone advice through the ensuing week only too happy she could assist the unfortunate young hunters.


Dean’s greatest joy came on Day Three as he was allowed a cup of hot coffee with breakfast. Sam had been deeply amused by his brother’s obvious appreciation as Dean hunched over the big cup luxuriating in the aroma and flavor of the strong brew, such simple deep bliss.


“You know, Dean, we could take a towel and make an inhalation tent if you’d prefer that,” Sam teased.


It made for a bittersweet moment as Sam realized just how few the real joys were in Dean’s life. That cup of coffee or a rare steak or greasy burger or a piece of pie could give him such great pleasure... His unselfish needs were so few, some mullet rock tapes and his beautiful, black Impala and his little brother’s company. Sam wanted to give him so much more. He wished he could totally envelope Dean, just wrap him so tightly in his arms, that Sam would be able to completely absorb Dean’s pain. He wished he possessed a magic bullet that could imbue his wonderful, self-sacrificing brother with a greater sense of self-worth. He wanted to give Dean a love that would restore and renew him, one that would make him believe that Sam loved him as much and as deeply as his big brother loved him. His entire life he had wanted to do nothing more than to be his heroic brother’s always present shadow.


Sam thought long and hard on their relationship that entire week as he delved more deeply into the pain and humiliation Dean had been forced to endure. The younger man was surprised by many of the facts he read and even the how-tos of the sex sites and the suggested treatments on the rape sites he perused. All week he’d been absorbing the advice of experts ranging from doctors to psychologists to physical therapists to homosexual authors offering him so much fresh knowledge. Nothing could please him more than to be Dean’s rock this one time, as Dean had been his so many times in life. Sam spent many hours day-dreaming about the childhood incidents he had stored in his memory. He spent even more time thinking about troubling memories he had, of his thoughts and feelings towards his hero as a teen and college-aged little brother. He had frightened himself back then with some not so normal feelings and had tried his own version of the Dean Winchester school of self-denial as a way of dealing with them.


Seeing in his mind’s eye their developing bond, that all-consuming brotherly devotion... He was reminded that no one, not even Jess, had given him such a total sense of being loved and cherished. It was only Dean’s presence that made Sam feel complete, a fact he really came to know after reaching Stanford. He remembered declaring his total love for Dean as young as age four, when he had told a chuckling Bobby that someday when they got old like Daddy, Sam would marry Dean. A chuckling Bobby had counseled Sam that someday he might get other ideas. Sam smiled at the distant memory.


And so their long week continued. Each day Dean grew a bit physically stronger as the pain subsided. Sam had happily found the rectal tear healing quite nicely when he did a second scope exam on the fourth day, at Dr. Lee’s behest. She had insisted that they finish both medications however, and told Sam to continue to apply the anesthetic gels, as they were needed.


Sam was glad for the pain pills, realizing they kept Dean’s dreams to a minimum. The prescription had contained enough capsules to cover a four-week period and Sam would be sure that Dean used every one of them.


As Dean’s dreams grew more infrequent, Sam’s own uncomfortable sleep apparitions increased. Always the same and always looking like a badly made porn film, Sam was sure he could control himself and these odd visions that haunted his sleep during this past week. After all, Dean NEEDED him, really and truly needed him for the first time in a long time. Sam swept his own ‘dreams’ aside and concentrated on healing the older hunter.


Sam had already made up his mind that they would ease back into hunting. After their week at the Happy Honeymooner Hotel, they would cruise for a few days, finding a few smaller, cheaper places to hole up as they regained their ‘sea-legs’. He would ask Bobby and Ellen to keep their eyes open for a ‘simple salt and burn’ telling them Dean had been hurt rather badly on their last gig. They would start small and simple and see where it went from there. In a perfect world Sam and Dean would check their bad dreams and memories at the door as they exited the hotel, but in a Winchester world, Sam knew there was a lot more to come. He winced at the thought.







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10 May 2008 @ 08:39 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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24 April 2008 @ 11:37 pm
AUTHOR : oldbatj
SUMMARY: After an evening playing pool Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Taken to a nearby park where they are raped and abused. Will the close bond they have as brothers survive or will it change their relationship forever?

As you can see from the WARNINGS / TAGS there's a little something for EVERYONE! I take pride in being an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFENDER !!


Nc-17, NON-CON RAPE, Torture, Violence, Bad Language, Knifeplay, Dean/omc, Sam/omc, Wincest

CHAPTER 1, 2 ,3, 4 and other stories


Nc-17, NON-CON RAPE, Torture, Violence, Bad Language, Knifeplay, Dean/omc, Sam/omc, Wincest

Rack Up The Balls! Part Four

Sonny yanked Sam’s gag back into place and with a painful backwards jerk on Sam’s tresses made sure the younger hunter couldn’t look away.

Sam watched in mute horror as the four standing rapists began a taunting countdown to Dean’s total violation.

“10!… 9!… 8!…” Dick smacked his hand on Dean’s bare ass in time with the first five numbers.

“5! …” As ‘5’ rang out Dick switched to butting the swollen head of his cock threateningly against Dean’s lubed, tight hole with each new number. Sam could almost feel the terror building in Dean with each vile fleshy contact.

As the screaming, chanting hyenas gleefully shouted “1!” Dick rammed hard into Dean, forcing the thick, bulbous head of his cock through the tiny opening.

Sam would NEVER, EVER forget that horrible primal scream torn from Dean’s lips at that horrendous, life-shattering moment. It was seared into Sam’s soul and heart and would remain there even if Sam lived to be one hundred. Never had Sam heard a sound so gut wrenching, so heart-rending! Instantly, Sam spasmed, vomiting around his gag what little contents his stomach still held.

Laughing maniacally, Dick thrust several painful, short, hard strokes into Dean. His voice was an angry growl as he snarled loudly at his victim, “Don’t you dare fucking faint on me, boy! You stay with me! You faint and we might have to see if Sam would like this lesson better! You play this game my way!! You stay with me on this! Don’t you dare faint!”

Suddenly, Dick jerked free of the violated hunter but only long enough to shove his Viagra enhanced cock deep into the Vaseline jar. Tossing the jar aside, he was once again mounting the young man, breeching the small, torn orifice with such sadistic thrust and power that the hunter had to struggle to breathe, push himself to his limits to not pass out. With each vicious ensuing push Dick sunk deeper and deeper inside until all eight inches were buried in the hot, slick channel.

With each horrific pain, Dean sunk deeper and deeper into a dark nearly overpowering desire to retreat into that wonderful walled fortress within his mind and soul, to simply shut everything down, shut everything off. He knew he could escape from what was happening to him; he’d done it before. He just needed to block it all out of his conscious mind. No! No! Sam! Wait! They have Sam! I can deal with this!

With each violent slamming plunge Dean loosed yet another stifled scream. Finally, tiring of the slow pace he had maintained, to entertain his deviate pack of jackals, Dick began to fuck Dean in earnest. Ramming. Reaming. Jamming. Screaming. The tortured sounds from the blond boy came non-stop as the bastard used the boy’s own hips as grips to impale him repeatedly, while his attacker wallowed with delight in the boy’s agony.

Quickly realizing that all the pieces of vermin gathered around the table were engrossed in the ‘show’ as Dick had called it, Sam saw his window of opportunity. With the other men’s eyes riveted to the scene of abuse before them, no one gave a passing thought to Sam. Pitching himself sideways onto the ground, Sam managed to land between the drunken, sleeping Freddy and Dean’s boots. Sam gratefully found the boot closest to his bound hands was blessedly the one containing that wickedly sharp, little knife Dean had always carried.

With his hands tied behind him, it was a struggle but Dean’s life was in those same bound hands and Sam knew he had to succeed. Sliding the blade from its sheath, he maneuvered it clumsily but quickly through his bonds. Once again he glanced at the group, relieved no one saw him as a threat. Tearing the vile, vomit-soaked gag from his mouth, he wormed his way carefully beneath the rough wooden table Dean was pinned to. Sam wanted to make eye contact with his battered brother but knew it might betray his position to their captors. He watched as Dean’s chin, jutting over the edge of the weathered planking, rubbed again and again against the wood with each ramming move, abrading the skin until it was bloodied and torn.

Suddenly the pack was chanting in a feeding frenzy. “Fuck him harder, Dick! Faster! Make him scream!”

The table rocked harder than ever and Dean’s horrible screams increased as Sam tried to shut out the vile voices now joined by Dick’s sadistic crowing, “Oh, Dean! That’s my little bitch! Sing! Sing for Daddy! That’s a boy! Louder! Oh, baby, what a sweet ride! Best I’ve EVER had!”

Sam cut quickly through the rope wrapped around his brother’s chest, then quickly reached out to momentarily encase Dean’s clenched left fist inside his own, to give him some hope the end was near. He wondered if Dean was even able to feel it.

From above, Dick’s voice growled “Deanie-boy, you and Sam are gonna wish you’d driven right on through our little town.”

In for a surprise here, Dickie-boy! Just give me a minute! Sam smiled grimly as the little knife did its job.

As Dean felt Sam cut the ropes around his legs and then sever the cord binding his right wrist, he forced his mind to switch gears in total Dean Winchester fashion. The concussive nausea and throbbing in his still swollen brain, the searing pain radiating through his back and haunches, the torn ass…all ordered him to lie still, to rest, to surrender to the darkness seeking to envelope him… comfort him. Only his all-consuming love and passion to protect his Sam was able to set Dean in motion! Burying his agony beneath a ton of ‘big brother’ determination he gathered his strength and thoughts. You have to do this!

As the left wrist was released, Dean dragged his nearly numb hands up onto the table planting them beneath his chest. With a Herculean effort he managed to lift his head, and suddenly push upward, tearing the gag from his mouth, loosing one last enraged, terrifying roar of pain and anger! With that mighty heave he pushed himself up and onto his knees ‘de-horsing’ his bastard rapist in the process.

Landing on his bare ass, stunned, pants tangled around his shins and ankles, Dick loosed a string of obscenities, followed by,” Grab that fucking guy!” Looking to where Sam had been kneeling only minutes before, he screamed in panic, “Shit! The other one! Where the fuck is the other one? Find him!”

As Dick scrambled to regain his feet with every intention of rendering Dean unconscious so he could finish the job, someone tagged his shoulder.

The voice sounded self-assured, in control and very pissed off. “Looking for me, asshole? Well… you found me!” As Dean’s rapist tried to turn his head and move away, Sam grinned in grim triumph as his booted foot rammed brutally into Dick’s chin and throat. Unconscious, the human pile of shit collapsed where he sat.

Sam was immediately at Dean’s side, wanting to minister to his brother’s injuries. With an angry glare, Dean gasped “No, Sam! Later! …I’m okay… I’m…fine. Stop them! We need them all!”

As soon as the shock of their victims gaining their freedom had worn off, the drunken gaggle of rapists had turned tail to try and escape the wrath about to descend upon them.

Although just being able to stand was physically taxing, Dean never batted an eyelash as Sonny tried to run past him. Swinging up a stiffened arm he had no difficulty ‘clothes-lining’ the overweight trucker, and that brought at least a grim smirk to the hunter’s bloodied face. A quick punch to the man’s jaw as he fell, dropped him into blackness.

Sam bolted across the area like a gazelle, as he spotted Penis Two and #5 heading for the van, clutching their undone pants around their hips. Not knowing who had the van keys, Sam knew he had to take them both down fast.

The men found their legs were no match for the tall muscular hunter flying in hot pursuit. His pure hatred and vengeful spirit urged Sam on, fueling his chase. He closed the distance on Penis Two first, stopping him with a vicious kick to the thighs. As the man fell, Sam grabbed him by the hair and delivered three powerful blows with his right fist. A meaty sounding crunch meant at least a broken nose. As he dropped the senseless bastard, Sam grinned and moved on.

Without pausing, he was on #5 in a heartbeat’s time. The ‘pig’ threw his arms up to protect his face, whining loudly, “Don’t hurt me… I didn’t do nuthin’! I never put my cock in either one of you. Lemme’ be!”

Sam ‘s mind spun back to this guy with his fingers buried deep inside his big brother, crowing jubilantly about what a great conquest this would be! Without hesitation, Sam threw two long-legged devastating kicks into the man’s groin. Smiling at the screaming response, Sam caught him by one ankle dragging him facedown all the way across the lot back towards Dean. One hard punch to the temple easily put #5 out of action as Sam finally tired of his twisting about and screaming. 

When they got back to the table, Sam found Dean struggling to find a position of comfort. He had managed to pull his boxers into place at least, trying to regain some dignity. His breathing was horribly strained and his heartbeat erratic as Sam attempted to perform a bit of on-site triage. The head-wound would require several stitches and the chin damage needed cleansing to avoid infection. The rope abrasions on Dean’s wrists would have to be cleansed and wrapped. But the worst physical damage Sam had no idea how to repair. Bright red blood continued to trickle from beneath the butt of Dean’s boxers soaking into the fabric of the jeans gathered at his knees.

As Sam opened his mouth to question Dean regarding the main damage, Dean warned him off with that patented Winchester dark glare. The one that always warned Sam when he was treading on dangerous ground. “Later, Sam… I said… LATER! I need to know how YOU are. What exactly did they do? Do you need medical care? Let me see.”

Moving within Dean’s limited pained reach Sam allowed his older brother to inspect his few bruises acquired during his oral abuse. The hateful look in Dean’s eyes hardened to pure loathing for the filthy unconscious sex-crazed bastards surrounding them, as he inspected his little brother. “Sam, what did they do? The truth!”

Sam looked Dean dead in the eyes and spoke softly, embarrassed that his own ill treatment seemed so minimal compared to Dean’s devastating abuse. “Really, Dean… It was just oral. Nothing more than that... Honest!”

Dean’s green eyes sparkled from the moisture gathering along his long, thick lashes. “Oh, God! Oh, Sammy… I’m so sorry… I didn’t know. I should’ve seen this coming… I should’ve protected you!”

Sam pulled Dean close, an arm encircling his shoulders, “ Shit, Dean. It was my turn to protect YOU, for a change. I’m the one that failed! I’m so sorry…”

As they locked brotherly sympathetic eyes for only a moment Sam saw the protective veil slide into place, as Dean ‘bit the bullet’ and toughened his stance. Turning to look at the scattered bodies, Dean breathed out quietly. “We have some trash to take care of first!”

Straining painfully Dean tried to bend to scoop up some coils of extra rope lying on the ground nearby. Sam shadowed him like a wisp of smoke, seizing any item Dean seemed to fancy. Moving back toward the table they laid out the trucker’s ball cap, two of the men’s shirts and quite a bit of usable rope salvaged from Dean’s and Sam’s own bindings.

“I need my knife, Sam.” Dean’s trembling hand grasped the little weapon as it was offered, his other hand on the table top supporting his weight when his quivering legs began to buckle. With great difficulty Dean managed to cut the longer ropes into workable lengths. “Hey, bro’, do you think you can manage to tie all of them up? Want their hands behind their backs to start with. Face up, in a row.”

Crossing the parking lot, Sam bound Penis Two first and dragged his bloodied form back to the picnic area and set about restraining the others. Dick began to rouse as his hands were yanked behind him and Sam took great satisfaction in purposely breaking the horrible monster’s nose! The last to be tied up was Sonny, who had slept through most of the action after he’d forced himself on Sam.

From Dean’s position, he gestured toward the bodies now lying in a rather haphazard row, “Grab all the cell phones, Sam. Gotta find those truck keys, too. Wish I had my Bowie knife… Shit!”

Moving directly to Sonny, Sam wrenched the Buck knife from his pocket and with a warning ‘heads up’ whistle tossed it toward his brother. Grabbing the weapon, Dean smiled, “Oh, yeah! That’ll do nicely.”

“What next?”

“Tie each guy’s right leg to the next guy’s left leg.” Seeing Sam’s questioning look, Dean mumbled, “Just trust me, okay?”

Once his strange task was completed, Sam stood back chuckling as he inspected his work. “Looks like a garland of demented paper dolls.”

Returning to stand beside the clearly weakening Dean, Sam watched as the older hunter continued to cut long cloth strips from the shirts they had taken.“

“Too many gags, Dean. Only have five of these dickheads.’

“Not gags.” Dean kept cutting.

“Bandages? For us?” Sam queried.

Turning slowly, and obviously very painfully toward the strung out row of disgusting human vermin, Dean paused, just closing his tired green eyes for a long moment before answering.

“No, Sam. Tourniquets… ”

“For you?” Sam’s heart skipped a beat.

“No, little brother… “ Dean’s eyes swiveled to meet Sam’s. “For THEM…”

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12 April 2008 @ 01:13 pm
Author : oldbatj
Summary: After an evening playing pool Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Taken to a nearby park where they are raped and abused. Will the close bond they have as brothers survive or will it change their relationship forever?

As you can see from the WARNINGS / TAGS there's a little something for EVERYONE! I take pride in being an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFENDER !!

Rack Up The Balls! -- Part Two

“Stick your tongue out here, boy. Show us what you’ve got!”

Sam needed desperately to get free, to get Dean free. He knew he couldn’t reach Dean’s boot knife unless he were many feet closer than this rope allowed from this position. They had tossed Dean’s boots onto the ground near Dean’s table and that was a solid twenty feet away from him. Knowing he HAD to play along sickened him to his very core. He would HAVE to play their vile games for Dean, just as he knew Dean would play along if their positions were reversed! A vicious cuff alongside his head brought things back into vivid, horrid focus.

“We going for the hard way after all, bitch?’ the trucker hissed. “Or we gonna see that sweet little ‘dick licker’ of yours?”

Sam, despite his overpowering feeling of disgust and loathing, forced his tongue past his teeth and lips, much to the nasty, grunted pleasure of the surrounding men. Sam suddenly had the overwhelming desire to simply bite off his own tongue.

“Oh, yeah, boy! The fun begins!”

Sam’s blood turned to ice.

“Freddy, you’re gonna leave us some of that, right?” That line was accompanied by lewd catcalling.

“Gonna get me some right now, huh, boy?” The trucker pig, they called Freddy, shoved his smallish fully erect dick in Sam’s face. “Lick it! All of it! Then we’ll see what else you can do!”

Sam gagged on the acrid, sweaty taste and smell of the disgusting thing, fighting valiantly against the urge to vomit. An unavoidable, retching gag earned him another violent cuff to the head.

Suddenly a thumb hooked onto his lower teeth yanking his jaws apart! “Open wide, you little bastard! And say Ahhh!”

Sam immediately had the man’s warm cock pushed past his lips and as deep into his mouth as the length allowed. Mentally Sam noted how lucky he was that this animal had nothing that the girls would write home about. The bastard quickly knotted his fingers into Sam’s longish hair and with that grip forced Sam to suck at the rhythm his attacker chose. Obscene moans and grunts emanated from the huge man.

“Oh yeah, boy, suck my big one! Oh, yeah!”

Casting a glance past the man’s ‘wide load’ belly, Sam saw the next guy in line was better endowed. The three grinning men nearest to the still unconscious Dean had all exposed their ‘privates’. One guy was jacking off while watching Sam and ‘the pig’, while another stood silently, practically drooling. Dick was easing a surgical glove onto his right hand for some reason, one Sam was sure he didn’t want to know. Sam pushed hard to separate his mind from his body and his own appalling, forced physical actions. How many times had he marveled at Dean’s ability to do so? He pushed to only be the ‘hunter’… to only seek out their escape route. Somehow Sam was determined this would end and he would find a way to retrieve Dean’s knife, then free his brother, hopefully in time.

All of a sudden the young man became aware that his violator was pumping harder and faster between his lips, his hands tearing at the hunter’s hair. Panting like a woman in childbirth, the animal moaned “Oh yeah! Oh, oh, boy! Oooh, that’s so fuckin’ good! Oh, God! I’m coming!” Sam wanted to throw up. The filthy beast was going to ejaculate into his mouth! Sam prayed the amount would be as small as the penis. The man suddenly groaned, and jerked in a spastic manner. Sam felt the thick, hot seminal fluid hit the back of his throat. Oh, my God! Nooo!

“Like a ten dollar whore, aintcha’ boy? Swallow and suck some more. Hey, who’s next?” Freddy leaned down and sneered as he looked into Sam’s face. “Catch ‘ya again later, boy.”

As the guy jerked his pathetic, spent dick from Sam’s mouth, someone shoved the whiskey bottle between Sam’s lips again. “Swallow or just rinse and spit, whichever suits you.”

Sam chose to do both, rinsing and spitting and then a long, sterilizing fiery gulp. The pure burning liquid had him gasping for air.

“Open up, boy! Let’s get moving. Sonny gets you after me then we’ll see if we can expand the game a bit!” Slimmer than the trucker, this guy was hung rather well, maybe eight inches of something the size of a sausage dog. “Open your mouth, Sam. Now! Or do you need a little persuading?”

Sam opened his mouth reluctantly, knowing how dangerous the alternative might be.

“That’s a good boy! Now let’s see if you can deep-throat this little joystick of mine. Take a few practice strokes and then let’s get a rhythm going, son.” Sam’s mind slipped back to a memory of Jess choking, gagging and finally vomiting the first time she and Sam ever tried that maneuver.

Again using Sam’s hair as grips, this bastard forced his thick cock deep into Sam’s mouth, not stopping until he hit the tunnel of Sam’s throat, causing Sam to gag and feel as if he were suffocating. “Watch that gag reflex, Sammy. That’s it! You can do it! Keep swallowing, slide it in deeper... That’s a boy! You got it. Ahhh!! All the way now! Faster! Deeper! Deep throating is easy. Just breathe through your nose. No gagging now! Breathe… Breathe… There you go!”

Soon they were all cheering on the action. Sam maintained his nasal breathing and tried to think of anything but the vile bastard attached to the repugnant appendage now in his mouth and throat. Finally the fucker was moaning and groaning. “Faster, boy! Faster!”

Sam could feel the man’s body stiffen and tried to get ready for the disgusting fluid he knew was about to be unleashed. As the thick tepid slime was ejaculated he forced his throat to swallow, forced himself to breathe through his anger-flared nostrils. His eyes flitted toward Dean and he watched in terror as Dick was sliding Dean’s boxers down towards his bent, bound knees. The bastard who’d been first with Sam was now passed out on the ground, leaving only four men to deal with. He HAD to get to Dean, fast!

“Oh, Sammy-boy! That was fucking fantastic! Damn boy! You were born for this stuff! Maybe you and me’ll go a second round when Sonny’s done with you. You’ll just get better with practice, you know.” The guy ruffled Sam’s hair as if they were friends. At that point, Sam wished he could shove that bastard’s hand into a meat-grinder.

Sonny stepped up for his turn, rubbing his own rubbery dick up and down Sam’s cheek. “My turn now, kid! Let’s see how sweet you feel. Never had me a college-boy before. Guess we’ll see if you being smart makes you a better fuck!” Without another word, he jerked Sam’s chin down and pressed his big cock into Sam’s gagging mouth. Yanking it back out immediately, he punched Sam in the jaw.

“You bite me, you little bastard, and I’ll kill you without a second thought.” He dug in a pocket and for Sam’s benefit dragged out a large razor sharp Buck knife.

Sam forced the whispered words through his torn lips, “Thirsty! Thirsty!” Sam watched as the man put that wonderful, future weapon away and reached for the whiskey bottle on the ground. Sam was afraid of getting too drunk, knowing it would dull his mind and reflexes, but he needed to anesthetize his throat. This Sonny was about the same size as the previous guy and Sam needed a little help here.

Somehow he would find a way to get free, get Dean’s knife and get to Dean before they both were considered collateral damage. He desired with every fiber of his being to save his beloved brother from any of this degradation and depravity. This vile shit would destroy Dean.

The whiskey bottle re-appeared and the hand holding it forced Sam to fill his mouth, twice. Swallowing the first time, he tried to force most of the second portion back out, gasping for air, letting it trickle down his neck and shirt. Catching a fist to the back of his head, his vision blurred and his hearing distorted momentarily.

“Stupid, little fuck! Don’t be wasting good booze!” Sonny wasted no time in thrusting his cock back into Sam’s torn, sore mouth. ”Okay, get on with it, Sammy-boy. Dick has a real hard-on for that sweet brother of yours! This is one show you won’t wanna miss!”

Again the ‘crew’ cheered Sam on. “Suck it, Sammy. Just pretend you’re a Shop-Vac! Suck it fucking dry!” They all guffawed at that.

“Fuck him, Sonny. Shove it down his throat. Make him deep throatcha’!”

Sonny forced Sam’s head forward and back at a furious pace. Grunting like a damned rooting hog he loosed his ‘wad’ deep in Sam’s throat. As Sonny vacated the hunter’s open jaws, clearing his blocked line of vision, Sam stared in horror at Dick. He had a huge, fully engorged cock and he was gunning for Dean. Standing there poised, he turned and called out to his cohorts.

“Okay, Sonny, if you’re taken care of for now, let’s get on with the main attraction. You boys can all go back for ‘seconds’ later. Sure Sam will be happy to oblige. Hell, seeing as how Dean’s not going anywhere he may want to help Sam out.” They laughed as a chorus.

The unnamed penis that had followed Fred, chuckled, “Let’s go watch the show, and we can come back for another dance with Sam later. Sammy seconds and Dean for dessert!”

Sam buried his discomfort and concentrated his vision on his securely bound still unconscious brother. The blood on Dean’s head had maintained its wet, deep red appearance and Sam knew it was a serious wound. Sam shifted on his stiff, numbing strained knees. They had to have been there close to half an hour and Dean still hadn’t stirred. Perhaps Dean will stay unconscious! Maybe he won’t feel this.

As the men started toward Dick and Dean, their leader stopped them cold. “Bring the boy, you fools! I want him to see this. They’re going to learn not to fuck pool players like us ‘cuz sometimes we fuck back!”

Sam was dragged roughly to his feet, his knees nearly collapsing as he stood. Not one of these gross, debased pieces of shit stood over 5’9’. If Sam’s hands were free he was quite certain he could take any or all of them and win! His father had been a great Marine and an even better hand-to-hand combat instructor. He strained at the unyielding coils around his wrists.

When one of the men untied Sam’s rope from the table leg, Sonny grabbed Sam’s belt like a harness compelling him to move forward. “You may want to take some notes here, bitch. You may be next!”

As they ambled the twenty feet toward the second group, Dick who had been running his disgusting hands all over Dean’s ass, back and arms let loose a wolf-whistle. “Damn, look at the tight muscles on this one! Sam built like this, too?”

They all watched as Sonny tore Sam’s t-shirt up the front exposing his tightly muscled torso. They all just stared at the washboard abs.

“Fuck! Sure didn’t get like this hustling ‘yokels’ shooting pool! What do you boys do for a living?” Dick asked.

Remaining silent Sam caught a vicious fist to the solar plexus, hard. “Answer the man, asshole!”

“We’re professional hunters. We go after the vermin people don’t want around anymore.” Like you fucking assholes!!

“Well, son, tonight you boys are those critters. This is our own little town and our special visitor ‘catch and release program’, just gotta’ finish ‘tagging’ you first!”

The rag-tag crew laughed heartily at Dick’s brand of humor. Sonny and Penis Two held Sam upright about six feet back as Dick trailed his ungloved hand obscenely over Dean’s entire bare ass. Finally he slid his hand between Dean’s separated knees. He took Dean’s sack in his hand and began rolling the balls gently back and forth in the velvety sheath.

Sam fought to restrain his urge to lunge forward and at least head-butt Dick into unconsciousness. Although it would momentarily save Dean and would sure as shit make Sam feel better, it would get him nowhere. They would swarm him and when the men got done using them might kill the hunters just for spite. Once they had let him loose from the table, he had formulated his plan and he prayed Dean would not suffer too horrendously in the meantime.

Dick licked his lips wantonly, “Oh, you two boys have been such a sweet treat. Usually, we only have one and they’re usually out of shape and tire easily. Not much sport in that! Is there?”

With that he poured some whiskey over the fingers of his gloved hand as he grinned salaciously at Sam. “If you’re a good little soldier tonight, Sam, maybe we’ll let you fuck this sweet piece of ass after we’ve all had our turns. In fact, I think I’ll insist on it! Incest can be fun!” The vile squad of deviates laughed like a starving pack of wild hyenas.

He smiled secretively at the group and touched a finger to his lips as if shushing them. “Time to wake up Sleeping Beauty! As hard as he sleeps it may take something impressive to open those green peepers. Let’s see if Dean wants to play!”

A little more whiskey streamed over his gloved fingers and without warning he suddenly plunged two fingers deep into Dean’s tight dusky orifice!

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